About theweemo

Female, journalising (when not updating this blog), france-dwelling, coffee fiend who is over-tidy.  This blog is heartily dedicated to work-free flancers everywhere.


5 thoughts on “About theweemo

  1. Sylvia Kent says:

    Love the site – really made me laugh! Could do with one at present. Keep up the good work. sK

  2. theweemo says:

    Thank you kind lady. It does mean that I can’t do any paid work, ironically. But hey ho.

  3. Hilarious! Love it…as a flancer myself

  4. Tee hee, very amusing site – so true! I read Flancer as Flouncer at first, lol – probably reflects my state of mind.

    Happy new year to you and hope your travel plans are coming along well. Congrats on your kissing article in Feb Cosmo – I enjoyed reading it.

    Nicci x

  5. liz says:

    you make me smile. I am your number one fan (but i wont break your ankles) – hmmm, you’ll only get that if you have seen Misery. Have you? Seen Misery?
    Hope to chat to you soon, missing you and the ‘zine scene x

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